Your Grad School Coach Clients Speak

In praise of Bring Out Your Brilliance one-on-one coaching sessions

“I can’t thank you enough for the guidance you provided to me in this process.  The requirements of grad school as we all know can be very intimidating however, your direction made me turn off my ‘over thinking’ button.  I can truly say that it was money well spent and the professionalism that I was met with while working with you displayed in my final product and as a result I received a “Congratulations, you are accepted” letter.”

Carla Adams, Thomas Edison State College

Clinical Trial Management masters degree program, Class of 2014

In praise of Admissions Essay Critique/Review sessions

I’m naturally a very gifted writer but like most, I was intimidated with writing my statement of purpose. I wanted to convey all of my passion without sounding cliché; I wanted to be sure that everything I said in two pages was impactful enough to gain admission to the schools of my choice. My coach read between the lines of what I’d written to really pull out what I wanted to articulate. The end result is a statement of purpose that has been highly praised by all that read it.”

Danyelle Thomas, Georgia State University

Social Policy masters degree program, Class of 2014

“All of my expectations were fulfilled and more. I initially expected a proofreading service to help guide me in the right direction, but this coaching experience has taught me things about myself and my passion for my field as well as given me insight on what potential professors/admissions committees are looking for.”

Kristen Barnes, M.S.

Ph.D. program applicant in Microbiology