Should I Go To Grad School?

Masters degree. MBA. Law school. Medical school. Ph.D.

There are about many types of graduate degree programs as you can think of. Different universities. Different rankings. Online vs. brick and mortar. So many different choices to consider if you’re thinking about continuing on to pursue an advanced degree.

The very first step is GETTING CLEAR. Just recently, I was reading an interview-style article featuring college students discussing their next steps after finishing their bachelor’s degrees. One of the most poignant quotes from the article was from a college student who said:

“I’m way more scared about leaving college than I ever was about starting college.”

Apparently things haven’t changed much since I was faced with the reality of leaving college. I get it. I had even made the “mistake” of finishing college early so I was faced with the “What next?” question before I was ready to start coming up with answers.

Can you relate to the scariness of the “What are you doing after graduation” question? There are so many possibilities in life that it can be hard to definitively choose to one path. And yet it is wholly impossible to walk through all doors at once. To move forward in life, you must have VISION and you must make a COMMITMENT.

Should you go to graduate school?

There are lots of factors to consider if you’re thinking about continuing your education and earning a graduate degree. No matter what type of program you’re considering, there are a few central questions you need answer for yourself before you ever fill out a single application:

  • Go to grad school or not – what are my options?
  • Is grad school worth it?
  • What’s your motivation?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What insights or experiences do you bring to the field?
  • What kind of contribution can I make as a professional to the field?