Perfect 10 Personal Statements

Many applicants underestimate the role of a well-written personal statement as part of an overall graduate application package. Unlike more objective criteria like GPA and GRE scores, the personal statement is one of the few avenues for you to advocate for yourself to the admissions committee.

Admissions committees are looking for what I like to call the Big Three – great writing skills, excellent critical thinking skills, and well thought-out career plans and professional goals. The most effective personal statements incorporate these elements, but they also skillfully communicate “your story” in a way that separates you from the rest of the competition.

Your Story

Crafting your story is part of the art of writing a great personal statement. Using the 1 + 2 + 3 approach covers all of the bases of conveying the Big Three, but it doesn’t necessarily give your admissions essay come alive with personality.

Every single applicant has a story that can be leveraged into an awesome personal statement, but not every applicant intuitively knows how to translate their passion to paper. And the honest truth is… sometimes you need some help to bring your incredible ideas and unique perspectives to light in a way that speaks directly to who you are as a person – not just a faceless graduate school applicant.

Your story could be related to the fact that you’re a nontraditional student who is returning to school after quite a few years in the workplace. Your story could be due to the fact that you’re a minority or international student whose perspectives add much-needed diversity to your area of interest. Or you could have had a life-changing experience that prompted you to pursue a graduate degree. When you speak your story, your essay becomes more than black words on white paper stating your credential and experience, you actually become a real candidate in the eyes of the admissions committee.

Many of the top graduate schools receive hundreds of applicants, but only admit between 2-5% of those that apply. As your grad school coach, I will help you craft “your story” and seamlessly blend in the Big Three into a dynamic personal statement that stands out from the competition.

What’s Your Flavor?

You are able to choose from 2 different levels of service, depending on your current needs:

The Works includes one strategy session (conducted via phone), organizational outline, critical review of a first draft, and critical review of a second draft. While I would love to coach you indefinitely, a second draft must be submitted within 30 days of your strategy session.

Who is this service perfect for? Those who need a “little push” and some expert guidance on how to get started on a personal statement (Trust me, I’ve been there). This service is also great for those who can benefit from the back-and-forth of the revision process in personal statement writing. You might also identify with the label of “Not the greatest writer.” It’s cool – you can partner up with a writing pro (ME!) to help identify the steps you need to create an amazing personal statement.

Just The Edits includes a thorough and critical review of your personal statement draft. You supply the essay and within 5 business days, you will receive feedback regarding suggested tweaks and edits to craft a top notch personal statement.

Who is this service perfect for? Those who have already started working on a personal statement and simply need another set of eyes to point out necessary revisions (lucky for you, my eyes are trained to pick up the details that graduate admissions committees are looking for).

Put a rush on it, please! Are you right up against your deadline? Get your personal statement edits back within 2 business days.