Your Grad School Coach was created with the expressed purpose of helping you create a winning game plan to get into your graduate program of choice. I work with applicants to identify their unique set of academic and extracurricular strengths, clearly state their career goals and professional vision, identify graduate programs that best fit their needs, and then combine all the puzzle pieces together into an application package that admissions committees can’t help but to take notice.

YGSC’s philosophy is simple: No cookie cutter advice allowed! Each coaching clients receives private coaching sessions complete with mentorship and step-by-step guidance tailored to meet your needs. You are in the driver’s seat in designing your life and your career. Together, coach and client create a very detailed road map to get to your next destination – graduate school.

First-time loser, second shot runner up, third time triumph

I am your grad school coach on behalf of experience and expertise. My personal story includes three trips through the merry-go-round admissions process before gaining admission to a Ph.D. program. Each time, I accumulated new knowledge about the admissions process beyond canned advice of “good grades and test scores.” I lend to each coaching client the valuable lessons I learned from personal experience, while helping you avoid wasted time, money, and emotion in navigating the application process alone.

My name is Dr. Khia Thomas. I earned my doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of Michigan in December 2009. While at Michigan, I taught, mentored, researched, won fellowships, presented at conferences, and published in academic texts and journals. I helped write grants and organize workshops on behalf of the Black Student Psychological Association. Our organization recruited and flew in promising students from across the country to give the real deal on what it takes to get into grad school – all-day workshop style over the course of a weekend.

As a professional, I have continued my work as an educator, teaching and designing collegiate level psychology courses, and assisting community college students in gaining admission to four-year universities and beyond at Broward College. As a grad school coach, I bring the same level of aspiration and enthusiasm to helping advanced degree seekers move to the next level of their education and their lives.

Are You Ready?

Private coaching clients fully understand how crucial grad school admission is in the design of their purposeful career. They pride themselves on having an advocate, sounding board, and motivator standing squarely in their corner throughout the often-confusing grad school admissions process.

Does your brilliance belong in grad school? Are you ready to start earning acceptance letters? If so, then I invite you to take a look at our coaching services.