Get Clear. Get In. Get On With Your Life.

Nowadays, college is the new high school, and graduate school is the new college, and getting into grad school isn’t nearly as simple or easy as you might think.

Applications can be confusing and cumbersome. Academic expectations are high. Competition is fierce. And there’s no IFs, ANDs, or BUTs about it – your career of your dreams dies if you can’t get in the door in the first place.

Get Clear

Graduate admissions committees want to know more about you as an applicant – your academic standing, personal strengths that are not reflective in GPAs or test scores, your ultimate career goals, and why you want to study at their esteemed university.

And more importantly, YOU need to answer these questions for yourself. Getting clear is all about knowing your strengths, knowing which direction you want to take in your career, and communicating them with confidence to the admissions committee.

Get Into Grad School

Here is where the real work begins – discussing your academic background, strengths, and professional interests in a way that is appealing to admissions committees.

There is a bit of an art involved in “getting in” – knowing which particular qualities to emphasize and how to package everything together. It isn’t always the best applicant on paper who masters this process. But, as a wise person once told me, it *is* the applicant who seeks out guidance who has an advantage over the competition.

Get On With Your Life

Your Grad School Coach’s philosophy is simple: No cookie cutter advice allowed! You will receive individualized guidance and mentorship to match up your real-life situation to real solutions. And most importantly, you will move from feeling “stuck” to earning acceptance letters!

All graduate and professional school applicants are welcomed – masters degrees, MBAs, med school, law school, Ph.D.’s and other specialized programs.

Grad school coaching helps you navigate through the wilderness of the application process, keeps you on track without feeling overwhelmed, assembles a polished application package, and allows you to get onto the next phase of your life of being a grad school superstar.

Grad school coaching brings out your brilliance in a way that admissions committees take notice. Are you ready to let yours shine?

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